Our Commitment to Covid-19  #flattenthecurve

  • Our staff will always wear masks.

  • All clients will be required to keep their masks on whilst they are in the salon.

  • Sanitiser will be applied to every guests’ hands on entry to the salon, before making payment and before touching any products.

  • Every client’s temperature will be checked before entering the salon. 

  • Face shields will be worn for extra protection when treatment requires a therapist to be within proximity to the client's face. 

  • We will not have any flyers, magazines or newspapers until further notice.

  • Our salon will have a residual disinfecting service every 30 days. 

  • We will offer all clients sneeze screens for nail and waxing services. 

  • We will practice social distancing.

  • There will be no refreshments available until further notice. 

  • We ask that credit cards, eft payments, or Snapscan payments are made as far as possible. 

  • We are allowing an additional 15 minutes between clients to effectively sanitise the common areas, treatment room or treatment space used.

  • We are making use of UVC cabinets and a bead steriliser for additional neutralisation of bacteria.

  • We will not make use of gowns or slippers during this time. 

  • We will have a protective screen at the reception counter and manicure station.

  • All stations will be equipped with sanitiser for staff to sanitise equipment and surfaces before and after all services. 

  • We will make use of paper towels and or/disposable hand towels.

  • We will ensure to have a minimum 1.5m distance between guests who are having their feet and nails done in the pedi lounge. 

  • Wax clients will be provided with their own wax cartridges, which will be marked and kept at the salon for future treatments. 

  • We will minimise time spent in common areas so will not make use of any areas that involve ‘hanging around’.