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Sherbet Angel Social Media Guidelines

  • Please take note of the following Social Media Community Guidelines for Sherbet Angel’s Social Media Accounts:

  • All views will be respected, so long as they are articulated in a respectful manner.

  • Please protect the privacy of all the Sherbet Angel page members at all times.

  • No naming and shaming of professionals, businesses or individuals, this will result in the banning of the perpetrator. 

  • If a member would prefer to post or comment anonymously, please send a direct message to the page via Facebook Messenger or Instagram Direct Message. Discretion is guaranteed and anonymity when content is sensitive.

  • Sherbet Angel reserves the right to reject or remove content (such as a comment on a post) as a result of tone, content and purpose. 

  • Sherbet Angel reserves the right to permanently remove anyone who does not comply with our social media accounts values of respect, privacy and kindness.

  • This page neither allows any arguments, disrespect, hate speech or fake news nor does it allow any gossip about members either inside or outside the social media accounts.

  • Out of respect for others' differing beliefs, please refrain from religious or political content. 

  • Admins of this page have no liability whatsoever pertaining to any actions or transactions or advice taken within or resulting from this group.

  • Any medical, financial or legal advice on this page  must never replace that of a qualified professional.

  • Upon liking/following Sherbet Angel’s social media account, all members are in agreement to all of the above points

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