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“Who run the world?” GIRLS!

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

These wise words by philosopher Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter have never rung more true than they do today – the first day of Women’s Month 2022!

On the 9th of August 1956, twenty thousand South African women defiantly marched to the Union Buildings in protest of the extension of the Pass Laws to women. This was nearly 70 years ago – but we’ll bet that these brave sisters would be proud to know that they set the tone for a world of opportunity to come.

The impact of women on today’s society is not only undeniable – but worth raising a glass of Prosecco about!

Why is Women’s Month important to South Africans?

South African women have come a long way in the last 100 years – and it shows! In 2022 alone, women in South Africa have made history in the business sector, on the sports field, in the political space, and in the world of academia.

These go-getters represent the powerful and positive role models we need to inspire young girls, and defy the archaic stereotypes that still remain about the capabilities of women.

As Ginger Rogers once famously said: “I did everything Fred Astaire did – only backwards and in high heels!”!

During the month of August, it is not only our responsibility to recognise and celebrate these achievements, but to join in conversations that will further empower our women to occupy the future in the way they deserve – regardless of class, age or race.

How can we empower the phenomenal women around us?

Women’s Month is a great opportunity to take stock, and identify the ways in which we can support the journeys of other women – in a way our 1956 sisters would be proud of!

From some much-needed emotional support between friends, to financially supporting the new women-owned business that just opened its doors in your neighbourhood, we as women have the power to significantly uplift our contemporaries - despite our shared struggles.

This year’s Women’s Month theme is: ‘Generation Equality: Realising Women's Rights for an Equal Future’ – so how can you contribute to realising this dream?

If you ask us, ‘competition’ is so two thousand and late. The secret to a woman-centric and equal future is collaboration! We believe that creating environments for women to take up space, thrive, and create their own futures is where it’s at – no matter how big or small your capacity to do so.

In other words: Hire women, train women, and mentor women! Never miss an opportunity to facilitate moments of learning… and always be willing to listen to a fellow sister’s story!

Our story

From our staff to our beloved clients, Sherbet Angel Boutique Salon in Linden, Johannesburg is so proud to always have the needs of women at our core. We are a powerhouse team of talented women who pride ourselves in working together, inspiring each other, moving and growing as a team and, of course, creating the perfect environment for every client that walks through our doors! Our passion for the work we do is palpable in every interaction, and we consistently commit ourselves to the highest quality in every treatment and product we use. Apart from that, our coffee and conversation also deserves an honourable mention! Since August is a month-long party with women at its centre, we want to add joy in the best way we know how:

2 treatments for the price of 1! (Hold for applause)

Whether you want to show your mom or best friend some appreciation, or practice self-love with a double dose of pampering, our Women’s Month specials are geared to get you feeling like your most bold and beautiful self.

Book a

  • Lulu & Marula Lux Pedi with paint

  • Soothing Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

  • JOICO hydrating hair treatment, wash & blow dry with a light day makeup application

  • Lulu & Marula Fundamental Facial

… and receive a second salon treatment on the house!

This August, we invite you to come relax and be spoiled by a group of women who are not only here to look after you, but to honour you, your story, and your journey as a fellow woman!

As Pink once said: “True beauty is knowing who you are and what you want, and never apologising for it.”

And we agree! But let’s face it… added pedicure never hurt.

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