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Body hair: Love it or Leave it?

At Sherbet Angel, we’ve always believed this: Body hair is a natural and personal aspect of our physicality that deserves both respect and individual autonomy. Whether you choose to flaunt your fuzz or smooth it out, it's all about what makes you feel fierce and fabulous. Love it or leave it, as Britney says: that’s your prerogative!

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For those areas that are more ‘leave it’ than ‘love it’ – Sherbet Angel in Linden, Johannesburg has the ultimate secret weapon at their disposal: Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal! Say ‘adios’ to the fuzz with Sherbet Angel

For the ladies and gents alike who have tried their hand at hair removal, we are sure to have a few things in common. From the unwanted razor bumps from a quick shower-shave, to the unholy pain from a wax in the nether regions, a common thread for those who have ventured into the world of hair removal is usually a whole lot of ‘ouch’.

Until now. At Sherbet Angel, we believe in all gain, no pain. We use the latest and greatest in hair-zapping technology: the state-of-the-art E-light IPL Laser. The low-down on the E-light IPL Laser

So, you may be thinking: What's this E-light IPL Laser all about? Well, let us break it down for you:

E-light IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal is a revolutionary technique that combines the power of radiofrequency energy and broad-spectrum light to target and annihilate those pesky hair follicles.

During the procedure, a handheld device emits intense pulses of light and radiofrequency energy that work in harmony to target hair follicles. The absorbed energy damages the follicles and prevents them from producing hair in the future. After just a few sessions, the hair follicles are completely destroyed – which mean no hair, ever again!

Don't worry, it's not as scary as it sounds. Many of our clients describe the sensation as a mild tingling — way more tolerable than those painful waxing sessions, right?

“It’s just a mild tingling!” – Sherbet Angel client

woman in period dress speaking

If you’re still undecided, the benefits of laser hair removal over waxing or shaving can be summarised in 3 simple points:

  1. It’s virtually painless: Unlike traditional laser hair removal treatments, pain-free E-Light IPL laser hair removal offers a significantly more comfortable experience. No more medieval bee-sting zaps!

  2. It’s quick and efficient: Pain-free Laser hair removal treatments at Sherbet Angel are incredibly time-efficient. Thanks to the advanced technology used, larger areas can be treated in shorter sessions, reducing overall treatment time.

  3. It offers long-lasting results: Pain-free Laser hair removal provides long-lasting results – which saves money in the long term. With each session, the treated hair becomes finer and sparser, ultimately leading to permanent hair reduction. Silky smooth skin for life? Don’t mind if we do!

At Sherbet Angel, we take pride in being the go-to salon for pain-free laser hair removal. Our team of expert hair-removal fairies, armed with years of experience, will customize the treatment to suit your unique needs, skin, and hair-type. 6-12 sessions are recommended for permanent hair removal, but this can differ from person to person. After just a few sessions, you'll notice a significant reduction in hair growth, and your treatment plan will be altered as you work towards permanent hair removal. Convenience is also key for us. We understand your busy lifestyle, which is why our treatments are designed to be quick and efficient. Spend less time in the salon chair and more time conquering the world, confidently.

How do I prepare for my Pain-Free Laser hair removal session?

Preparing for your pain-free laser hair removal treatment at Sherbet Angel is easy peasy lemon squeezy! Before your appointment, make sure to shave the area to be treated, as this helps the laser target the hair follicles more effectively. Avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for at least two weeks prior to the session, as tanned skin may increase the risk of complications. Lastly, on the day of your appointment, skip applying any lotions, creams, or makeup to the treated area. Follow these simple steps, and you'll be all set for a smooth and successful laser hair removal experience with us!

And, that isn’t even the best part…

Buy 2 treatments, get 1 on the house!

Here's the cherry on top: We have a special offer just for you. When you buy two pain-free laser hair removal treatments at Sherbet Angel, we'll give you one treatment absolutely free!

It's our way of showing our appreciation for choosing us as your trusted salon. Not only will you experience the magic of pain-free laser hair removal, but you'll also enjoy extra savings and more opportunities to achieve long-lasting, silky-smooth skin.

Don't miss out - book your appointments now to take advantage of our 2-for-1 deal!

So, is pain-free hair removal a real thing? The answer is a resounding YES! Show yourself a bit of love this August, and move towards stepping away from the razor - for good! We are always grateful to form part of your unique self-love journey, so get in touch with us today to discuss your hair-removal needs, and to secure your 2-for-1 special.

Run, don’t walk - valid for August ONLY!

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Looking for an excuse to come to the salon? We don’t think you should need one, but we’ve found the best one yet. Plus, we’re backed by emerging clinical research when we say that you should treat yourself to a trip to the salon.

Feeling stressed? You’re in good company. While it’s impossible to put a number on how many people are feeling jittery at any one time, most sources never put the number below 50%. A mind-boggling figure, right? That’s why they’ve dedicated a whole month to the issue, with April earning the title of Stress Awareness Month.

Why Stress is a Problem?

Stress can affect all aspects of our life, including our emotions, behaviours, and cognitive ability, and if left unchecked, can exacerbate existing health conditions like diabetes, asthma, and migraines and cause new ones such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and depression and anxiety.

We all know that stress can infiltrate every part of your life, possibly having a negative impact on your health, career, relationships, and beyond. But did you know you can become addicted to it? Yes, that’s right, the very thing you’re trying to shake may be what you subconsciously seek. Weird? Yes. A real thing? Also yes.

When the stress response becomes so habitual, we seek more of it. Like any other substance, our body gets used to the stress hormone - cortisol. To keep levels high, you may find yourself overworking or packing your schedule full, even if you’ll have to make a mad dash from the office to yoga. Fortunately, you can replace a cortisol addiction with new healthy “addictions” that help to regulate your nervous system and hormonal responses.

But first, if you’re ready to check in on your stress levels, here are some red flags they may be overflowing:

Signs You’re Stressed

  • Difficulty breathing.

  • Aches and pains without reason.

  • Chest pain or the sensation your heart is racing.

  • Headaches, dizziness, or shaking.

  • Muscle tension or jaw clenching.

  • Exhaustion or trouble sleeping.

  • Stomach or digestive problems.

And the list goes on …

As you’ve likely noticed from the above, stress isn’t only a mind matter. Like a rash, it spreads to the body, leaving us feeling less than eager about, well, everything while also feeling heightened and addicted.

What Can be Done?

Of course, everyone has their own anti-stress methods such as a soothing bath or an evening curled up on the couch, but there’s one emerging and incredibly exciting solution.

Hear us out: A trip to the salon!

There are few places that are dedicated to helping you feel like your best self, the salon being number one among them. So, it comes as no surprise that using pampering as a way to de-stress is a tale as old as time, with many women (and men) considering it a monthly, if not weekly, pilgrimage in their self-care routines.

How do Salons Reduce Stress Levels?

Relaxation is the only true antidote to stress, and the salon is the ideal place to relax. Plus, we hate to admit it, but the salon is one of the only environments where it’s psychologically and culturally acceptable to be taken care of as an adult, at least without having to consult your family or friends.

As humans, or at least for most humans, physical contact is necessary for our well-being, but not just any touch will do. Gentle and nurturing is a must and has a beneficial effect on our mind as it triggers our body to flood our brains with oxytocin, AKA the ‘feel good’ hormone. No prizes for guessing that of the feel-good and bad hormones; the good one is the best to get hooked on. In other words, you can counteract your addiction to stress by boosting your oxytocin levels at the salon. Physical touch also increases circulation, which in turn helps the blood deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

Plus, it’s genius. There, you can claim an hour or two (or even more) for yourself to unplug, unwind, sit back, relax, and let someone else take care of the rest. The best part? You get to leave looking and feeling fabulous. It’s a mood boost that lasts with every glance of your reflection or kind compliment, reminding you of your spa therapy.

While manicures, pedicures, make-up, and haircuts are always on the menu, these days, massage therapy is also a big hit in salons worldwide. In fact, it’s likely one of the best choices if you’re feeling a little on the stressed side, with multiple pieces of research showing massages can lower stress levels and feelings of anxiety while improving mood.

In conclusion

Why get addicted to stress when you could get your fix of feel-good hormones at the salon instead? Stress Awareness Month is the perfect opportunity to make a lasting change to your wellness routine that’ll help you get your stress levels under control for good.

What we recommend: Turn your spa therapy sessions into a ritual. Schedule regularly to make sure you’ve plenty of time to prepare for an hour or two of pure relaxation.

Unwind with us as we feed your new healthy addiction.

Treat yourself this Stress Awareness Month by using pampering as a way to de-stress. We could all do with less stress which is why we’re helping you to stress less with our

Stress Less offer that invites you to indulge as your worries melt away.

STRESS LESS PROMO: Purchase a 45min Soothing Back Massage, and we will upgrade it to a 60min and include a self-heating back scrub - an extra 15 mins. Valued at R710, you only pay R495, meaning you can invest R215 in other stress-beating activities after – enjoy!

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If you are someone with oily, easily congested skin, it might seem like an insane idea to load up your face up with more oil. Bear with - because marula is no ordinary oil. Sure, it seems like the beauty industry has a best-kept secret hitting the shelves every other week.

There is seemingly no end to juices, elixirs, or oils getting squeezed out of something so we can put it on our faces. When it comes to marula, though, we promise it will be worth your time to learn more about this wonderful natural product.

What is Marula Oil?

The source of all our marula oil is nuts, or more specifically, the fruit of the ancient Marula trees (Sclerocarya birrea) that are native to South Africa.

Marula oil is a lightweight and antioxidant-rich oil that has a subtle nutty aroma. It's quickly absorbed by the skin and contains fatty acids that provide deep hydration and nourishment. Plus, the amino acids found in marula oil have anti-aging properties that can help to restore the skin's natural radiance.

With its high content of vitamins C and E, marula oil is also a powerful ally against free radicals caused by pollution and UV rays. It's no wonder that marula oil has become a popular ingredient in a wide range of beauty products, from body washes to hairsprays to liquid highlighters. It’s also fantastic for a facial that will leave your skin feeling light and fresh and looking more youthful.

Benefits of a Marula Oil Facial

Marula oil is a true wonder ingredient, prized for its powerful moisturising properties that soothe and hydrate the skin. Despite its lightweight texture, it's incredibly effective at delivering hydration, which is why you'll find it in so many skincare products today.

What makes marula oil so special? For one, the oil contains a variety of superstar components that work together to nourish and rejuvenate your skin and hair.

Some of these components include:

● Fatty acids: Marula oil is rich in oleic, stearic, palmitic, and myristic acids, which work together to deeply moisturise and soothe dry skin and hair.

● Amino acids: Glutamic acid and L-arginine are two key amino acids found in marula oil that offer a range of anti-aging benefits, helping to keep skin looking youthful and radiant.

● Antioxidants: Marula oil is loaded with vitamins E and C, as well as phenolic compounds that help to repair and protect skin from damage caused by pollution and the sun's harsh rays.

Collagen and elastin are two proteins that imbue your skin with strength and elasticity, but the presence of certain enzymes breaks them down. Marula has been found to be effective at giving these enzymes the old heave-ho so your skin can repel fine lines and wrinkles for at least a few more years with regular use.

Why Marula Oil is So Good for Facials

Marula oil is incredibly versatile and can be used both day and night to deliver intense hydration to your skin, regardless of skin type. Whether you're dealing with dry, flaky patches or excessive oil and shine, marula oil will balance and nourish your skin to produce a healthy, radiant glow.

It couldn't be easier to use. Its lightweight texture absorbs quickly, making it the perfect pre-makeup step in your beauty routine, even for those with oily skin.

When you use marula oil, simply dab a few drops onto your face and gently tap the area. Your skin will quickly absorb the oil like a dry sponge, so use slow draining, massage movements to help with absorption.

Instead, use a light touch and let the oil do the rest. With consistent use, you'll notice a significant improvement in the overall health and appearance of your skin, leaving you looking and feeling your best.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Like with any new skincare product, you should always do a patch test before slathering it all over your skin. We are confident you will love the results, but you can never be too careful when making your face the test bed for a new product. Anyway, this simple step can help you avoid potential sensitivities and ensure that the product is a good fit for your individual skin type.

One question that often comes up about marula oil is whether it can cause breakouts. Everyone's skin is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another. If you find that marula oil causes you to break out, you still have plenty of options to explore, such as our Thalgo source marine hydration facial that's perfect for all skin types.

Marula Oil is Not Just for The Face

We love marula oil for facials, but we would be remiss if we didn't mention that it's also good for hair and nails.

No, it won't help with hair growth - as far as we know. However, marula oil does have antimicrobial properties that can provide some relief against scalp issues caused by an overpopulation of certain types of bacteria.

A dry irritated scalp might benefit from an application of marula oil. Just make sure your hair is still damp when you are applying it, as this will spread the oil more evenly.

Do you regularly suffer from dry cuticles? Plenty of people have found marula oil to be the perfect solution to dry cracked nails. The amino acids, vitamin E, and emollient properties of marula oil are

terrific for sealing in moisture and protecting against nasty bacteria.

Now That the Secret is Out

From its lightweight texture to its powerful blend of fatty acids, amino acids, and antioxidants, marula oil is a true powerhouse ingredient that can work wonders for your skin and hair. And with its ability to provide deep hydration and nourishment, it's no wonder that marula oil facials have become such a popular trend in the beauty world.

So, if you're ready to take your skincare routine to the next level, why not treat your face like royalty and give a Lulu&Marula facial a try? For the entire month of March, each time you book and pay for a Lulu&Marula Facial you get a Lulu&Marula product kit (Valued at R1140) absolutely FREE!

OH! – before we forget, on 24 March 2023 we’re having a Lulu&Marula Facial workshop at the Salon where you will learn how to apply a fabulous L&M facial and when you book for that you’ll not only get a facial product kit for FREE but you’ll also enjoy the facial with snacks and mimosa’s.

Seriously, treat your face and skin like Royalty.

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