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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: 4 completely free ways you (yes, YOU) can make a difference!

Talking about support, here at Sherbet Angel the month of October means one thing: It’s time to THINK PINK! With breast cancer topping the list as the world's most prevalent cancer, the need for focussed awareness and support is more important than ever before.

It’s not just about talking the talk – it’s about walking the walk. There are a number of (completely free) ways that you can show your support for those currently fighting – as well as stand in solidarity with survivors, honour the taken, and pave the way for a cancer-free tomorrow.

Here’s the titty nitty-gritty:

What is breast cancer - exactly?

Simply put, breast cancer is a kind of cancer that begins in the breast – either one, or both. Over our lifetime, our trillions of bodily cells grow and divide – and when cells are abnormal or get old, they typically die. Cancer occurs when this process goes wrong, and your abnormal or old cells keep making new cells. These can eventually crowd out your normal cells, and make it difficult for your body to function as it should. In the case of breast cancer, this abnormality begins in your breast.

Why is it important to support breast cancer awareness?

Breast cancer is the world’s most common cancer. The hard fact is: 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime – which means you are more than likely to personally know someone who will face the disease. The more we support breast cancer awareness efforts, the more the world can move forward with prevention and cure. With enough focused support, we could be looking at a cancer-free tomorrow!

How can I, in South Africa, meaningfully support the cause?

Here are 5 ways that you (yes, YOU!) as a fellow South African can contribute to that cancer-free tomorrow.

1. Self-examination

Time to check yourself, gurl! Regular self-breast examinations and mammograms are key to early detection. Yes, we know it’s not exactly fun… but early detection of breast cancer can lead to effective treatment and a positive prognosis.

Top tip: Develop a habit of daily self-examination during your morning shower. Lather up your lady lumps and be sure to reach out to a medical professional if you notice any changes at all - even at surface level! While it’s likely to be no cause for concern, keeping abreast (pun intended) of any potential problems will put you in good stead for possible early detection.

2. Start the Conversation

Don’t shy away from titty talk! When it comes to discussing self-examinations, regular check-ups, annual mammograms, and personal experiences, regular and open discussion is important to break any stigma or shame attached to breast cancer. These kinds of conversations are not just for you and your BF’s (Breast Friends😉), but for anyone you interact with. One conversation has the power to save a life… and that makes us all potential superheroes!

Top tip: At your next coffee date with the gals, we dare you to bring up the topic of mammograms! If any of your friends have not been for one, encourage them to make an appointment, or share your doctor’s information with them. Sometimes, these things slip our minds – and that’s what friends are for!

3. Donate your Time

Financial donations are not the only way you can help! While a bit of spare change goes a long way, so many South African Breast Cancer organisations would benefit exponentially from a few hours of your time. Here are three organisations whose work we greatly admire:

All the information about how you can join these organisations as a volunteer is available on their respective websites.

4. Offer your Support

Nothing beats real, human to human support. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during the course of their lifetime – which means you are likely to know someone personally who will be affected. Whether they are a close friend or not, offering your emotional (and physical!) support can be a lifeline for someone fighting the hard fight.

Top tip: Know someone who’s going through breast cancer treatment? Next time you make a delicious dinner, double it, and drop off a portion of home-cooked food. Prioritize small acts of kindness that lighten the load – as opposed to just sending a kind text message.

When it comes to trying to make a real difference in the Breast Cancer Awareness space, we know that your efforts can sometimes feel like just a single drop in the ocean. For those on the receiving end however, your love and support feels like the entire ocean in a single drop. So, this October, we challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and take on the challenge of completing one of these 4 steps. Together, we have the power to pave the way for a cancer-free tomorrow.

…So glad we got that off our chest 😉

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