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Needle little guidance? Here’s everything you need to know about BOTOX!

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

The topic of Botox has, at times, been a divisive one. Is it safe? Is it addictive? Will I still age gracefully? Can guys do it too?! These kinds of questions can take up some prime real estate in the mind of a first-timer.

We get it. With all the opinions and information out there, you may go from feeling curious about it, to completely against it, to looking for aesthetician near you – all before lunch!

While Botox is more commonly considered an aesthetic treatment for those concerned with emerging wrinkles – it also serves a number of other interesting uses, from sweat control to migraine management. That’s the brilliance of Botox!

Whether you love it or hate it, we at Sherbet Angel believe that knowledge is power – so we’re here to answer the internet’s most burning questions about the bo’:

First of all, what is Botox?

Botox, or Botulinum Toxin Type A if you’re nasty, is a neurotoxin which is expertly injected into specifically targeted muscles of the face. It is considered safe because the toxin isn't digested in your stomach, and the dose is a much smaller than the amount you'd get in, for example, spoiled food! The active ingredient works to gently reduce the movement of these muscles, thereby causing smoothening and tightening of the overlying skin. It is used to treat existing lines and wrinkles, protect against future lines and wrinkles, and offer a rejuvenated appearance. There is no downtime from this procedure, and you’ll see your results within 7 – 14 days!

Which areas of my face can I aesthetically treat with Botox?

The areas of your face which are compatible with Botox treatment include forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, smile lines, bunny lines (those are the crinkles on your nose!), mouth corners, chin dimpling, as well as neck lines and bands. While these are all available, it’s important for to go for a consult in order to see which treatment is right for your face.

Okay, but does it hurt?

Luckily for those who enjoy regular Botox, the procedure is virtually painless! You may feel a pinch as the needle punctures your skin, or a bit of subsequent burning – but most individuals rate the pain of Botox at a manageable 3/10! If you’re still feeling nervous, there are the options of ice application or pain distraction devices during the procedure – which usually takes no more than 5 minutes!

Will Botox make my face look unnatural or frozen?

While comedic TV-shows may lead us to believe that a person with Botox is unable to move their face or convey emotion – this is not the goal! With Botox, the aim is simply to ‘mellow out’ the muscles – promoting a natural, relaxed look. Movement is still possible, only with softer lines. Botox cannot change a person’s facial structure!

How much Botox will I need?

There is no one-size-fits-all! We recommend an individualized patient plan, which will be formulated by our resident Botox expert Dr R Gihwala during your consultation. As we are all created differently, all Botox procedures are specific to each client.

What if I don’t like my Botox results?

If you decide you’re not a fan – don’t panic! The effects of Botox only last about 4 months, varying from person to person. Your face muscles will return to normal at this point, and you won’t have any lingering effects.

What else can Botox do?

As Botox is primarily a muscle paralyser, its uses extend beyond aesthetics! Botox can be helpful in the treatment of Bruxism – a condition which causes teeth clenching and jaw grinding. By injecting Botox into the chewing muscles of the cheek, one can get relief from jaw pain, headaches, jaw problems and damaged teeth! Similarly, Botox is used in the treatment of chronic migraines, by injecting it into specific areas of the head and neck.

Most interestingly, Botox can be used to treat excessive underarm sweating – known as hyperhidrosis. The botulinum toxin is injected into the area to block the nerve signals responsible for sweating, which stops the sweat glands from overproducing. Fascinating, if you ask us!

Can I get Botox as a man?

Of course. All humans are welcome. We’ll even call it Bro-tox if you like 😉

Botox Treatments at Sherbet Angel Salon

“People say I look so happy, and I say – that’s the Botox”- Dolly Parton

Over our many years in the business and from the many clients who’ve walked through our doors, it has become increasingly clear that our sense of self-confidence is closely linked to how we perceive ourselves. As we achieve the various milestones of life, good or bad, these events can challenge the connection we have with our own identity. It is only natural for you to want your outward appearance to match the inner joy and zest you have for life! In our experience, treatments like Botox are less about improving the physical aspect itself, and more about improving how you feel about it!

With this in mind, we are offering a feel-good promotion on ALL of our Botox treatments, during the month of September! Receive R250 off your first 25 units, when receiving 50 units or more. You’re welcome 😉

Much like the goddess Ms. Parton, we believe that if it makes you happy – do it! Our Botox treatments offer so much more than just improved physical results. They offer the confidence you need to be your fiercest, fieriest, and most fabulous self.

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